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  • Research

    Our new focus is research on backyard wildlife. Our hope is to improve understanding of common local wildlife, and develop techniques that can be used by all backyard naturalists. Raccoons are our first project.

  • Welcome to Potomac Wildlife!

    Our natural world is rapidly losing its diversity and abundance. To slow this loss, and to better appreciate the natural world, we must begin with local nature. Potomac Wildlife works to bring the natural world to kids, families, and armchair, amateur, and professional naturalists. We work to help develop an appreciation of our local natural world, and to improve our understanding of plants and animals in their place, beginning in our own backyard.

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Stage 1: Wildlife Research

We are now at “work” learning more about raccoons. You’ll be able to follow developments here.

Stage 2: a Wildlife Research Center

We are working to become a proper home base for Naturalists, both amateur and professional.

This site supports Potomac Wildlife, Inc. We are partners with, home to web pages describing 3.1 million plants and animals.

In the future, Potomac Wildlife will offer a variety of workshops and courses, and will be able to deliver them to your organization or school. Offerings will include programs on raptors, on reptiles, and on insects; courses in nature photography, identification of wildlife tracks, plant identification, bird behavior, invasive species, and more.

Our Biggest Need: A Home!

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